WinaCare Disability Services

Mental health, Intellenctual & Disability Specialised Services

Making a Positive Difference to the Community

daily living activities

Assistance with Daily Living Activities

When you are going through a hard time, it is sometimes the small things in life that can make everything seem difficult. At WinaCare we work beside you to develop skills that will empower you to maintain your independence and support you while live your choices.

challenging & complex behaviours

Mental Health Support Services

WinaCare have qualified and experienced staff to ensure support needs are acknowledged by those providing support services to create a rewarding plan.

supported independent living

Supported Independent Living

We understand how important it is to live somewhere you love. We can assist you to find a dream place that suits your needs and lifestyle.

being active in your community

Social & Community Participation

Become an active participant in your local community to provide better health outcomes. We understand the challenges of getting active in your local area. We can support you to enjoy where you live and meet new people.

travel & transport

Travel & Transport Support

We can help you to travel independently on public and private transport to stay connected with your loved ones by supporting you to travel independently on public and private transport in your community.